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Matthew Feargrieve discusses all the Financial Services and Investment Management issues that matter to investment and finance professionals and investors in Investment Funds.

The Matthew Feargrieve Financial Services Blog looks at topics of interest for fund managers and retail investors in mutual funds, investment trusts and ETFs. We also consider personal finance and retirement savings subjects that are relevant to investors in financial and fund products.

When not working with investment managers and fund vehicle service providers, Matthew Feargrieve contributes his experienced views and thought-leadership to the investment management industry's news, journals and periodicals. He is regularly invited to write and speak about financial services and investment management. You can read his financial services blog by clicking HERE and  HERE. You can also watch his introductory video below.

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Matthew Feargrieve is a financial services professional, advising managers of investment funds and complex financial products operating in all investment strategies and asset classes.


Here, Matthew Feargrieve shares his financial services knowledge and experience, together with his views on current developments in the investment management industry.

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Neil Woodford

What lessons can the failure of Neil Woodford's GBP10 billion Woodford Equity Income Fund teach retail investors about the true "safety" of regulated investment products? Matthew Feargrieve discusses the implications and the lessons of the Woodford saga HERE.




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